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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence, whether in a marriage or in a relationship, can be one of the toughest issues our clients face. Protecting our clients and their families is our firm’s number one priority. We regularly help clients obtain Orders of Protection in New York’s Supreme, Family, and Criminal courts. We have the experience to both prosecute and defend clients when issues of domestic violence are involved.

If our client is the victim of domestic violence, we work hard to ensure our client’s personal safety and the safety of any children involved. Conversely, if our client is a victim of false allegations, those need to be addressed swiftly and deftly. We also represent clients in situations where the allegations of domestic violence against them are provable. In those instances, we work closely with our clients and any outside individuals, such as mental health professionals, to address and remedy the issue and to ensure that the client’s rights vis-à-vis any children are preserved. 

One of our firm’s greatest assets is Benjamin D. Moore’s background and experience in this area. Ben is recognized in the family and matrimonial legal community as an expert in domestic violence matters and is often called upon by other attorneys to consult in domestic violence cases.