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Child Custody & Parental Access

Determination of custody and parental access (visitation) with minor children is often complicated and fraught with emotion for parents. These are generally the most difficult and important issues parents face when they come to us. Our attorneys understand that the best interests of the children need to come first, and to that end we strive to understand the entire family dynamic, including parental fitness and the developmental and emotional needs of the children. It is our priority to assist clients in shielding their young children from the difficult process that results when ending a marriage.

We are highly experienced in negotiating custody settlements, and in working with custody mediators, evaluators, and mental health professionals to achieve the right custody plan for every client’s family. We work to resolve custody disputes by crafting agreements that are tailored to the needs of each unique family. 

Not every custody dispute can be resolved by agreement. Sometimes, the only solution is to have a judge resolve custody and visitation disputes. When it is necessary to turn to the courts, we have the skills and experience to make sure that clients are well prepared and well represented. We regularly work with evaluators (including forensic evaluators, if necessary) and mental health professionals to ensure that our clients’ cases are presented in a way that maximizes the likelihood of favorable results.

We are also well versed in the various mental health disorders, or issues surrounding substance abuse, which a client or opposing party may be experiencing, with the understanding that these are issues that require the utmost discretion and sensitivity.