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Post-Judgement Counsel & Modification of Prior Orders

A divorce may be final, but often issues arise that either need further negotiation or litigation. An agreement that was entered into at the time of a divorce may need to be modified or provisions enforced. Changes in circumstances, including but not limited to, financial ability, location, health, marriage and other life changes, can serve as grounds to modify an agreement or judgement.

Many court orders are also modifiable. For example, child support, child custody, and spousal support orders are all subject to modification if certain conditions have been met. Those conditions depend on the facts and circumstances of the particular case and family.

We routinely handle cases, where for one reason or another, circumstances have changed – and so must the prior court order. Conversely, we can defend against unfounded allegations of changes in circumstances by an opposing party. 

Each case has its own set of facts and circumstances and we counsel our clients on the best course of action for each particular individual, and family, to take.  Often, we will try to negotiate with the adverse party, but given there may be significant animosity between the parties, negotiations can ultimately break down and in such situations, we advise clients to proceed with a more forceful strategy to either modify or defend an existing agreement or court order.