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Divorce & Separation

The attorneys at the Law Firm of Benjamin D. Moore are well versed in all areas related to ending a marriage, including, but not limited to, asset division, child custody issues, spousal support, and child support. The goal is to avoid a long-protracted court case, and that goal can be met by out-of-the-box thinking to create settlement agreements that match our clients’ needs. When litigation is necessary or desired, our attorneys bring their knowledge, experience and sharp intelligence to the courtroom.

In divorces involving substantial wealth, complex estates, and highly sensitive personal matters, the choice of a matrimonial attorney is critical. The team at the Law Firm of Benjamin D. Moore has practiced within the most challenging areas of divorce law, so they are able to identify the most significant issues in a case – and to communicate those issues in a way the client understands. In every case, the primary focus is the uniqueness of the client and what will best further his or her goals.  We value discretion and understand how and when to avoid publicity, which is particularly important when high profile individuals are involved. In high net worth divorces, tax returns often do not adequately reflect the actual marital lifestyle, as funds from third parties, trusts, or other non-parties to the divorce are providing financial benefits. We work closely with forensic accountants to ensure that our clients’ financial rights are protected.

We understand that divorce is a confusing and emotional process for clients and their families, and that clients need an ally and an advocate during this critical time. We pride ourselves on the trust granted by our clients and consider it a privilege to represent them in their divorce matters. We also understand the importance of communication, and our client-centered practice allows us to be readily available to our clients during their times of need – even outside regular business hours.